Our Thought: Engagement Comes Alive Only When O-P-T ‘Interests’ Overlap

Where does Employee Engagement come alive? And Stay Alive?

Our answer: Engagement can only come alive and stay alive only in the overlaps of the ‘self-interests’ of the Organization (O), the People (Employees) (P) and the Teams (T)… #OPTin’. 

Engagement can only come alive and stay alive when there are overlaps of the ‘self-interests of the Organization (O), the People (P) and the Teams (T)

Respect All Around

For Engagement to ‘take-off’ and grow everyone involved in an Organization needs to respect and honor everyone else’s self-interests to achieve and enjoy the benefits of engagement.

An Organization’s Leaders (O) have to inspire the People (P) for them to become engaged.

Team Managers (T) need to effectively manage their People to keep that engagement alive.

Finally, (or Firstly), People need to honour and satisfy the interests of the Organization’s Leaders and the Team Managers to keep the Organization healthy and their Manager employed!

Unquestionably, Engagement Is A Very Good Thing

Unquestionably, Employee Engagement is a very good thing. (Our capitalization of key words):

An “Engaged Employee is FULLY ABSORBED, ENTHUSIASTIC, and Takes POSITIVE ACTION to further the Organization’s REPUTATION and INTERESTS.” (Custom Insight)

When there is engagement “Employees feel PASSIONATE about their jobs, Are COMMITTED to the organization, and Put DISCRETIONARY EFFORT into their work.” (6Q Blog)

Put Your Hands Up!

Put your hands up if YOU would WANT…

To be a Person who is fully absorbed, enthusiastic, passionate about your work, your job?

To be a Manager who has a Team that thrives together to ‘get the job done?

To be a Leader of an organization with engaged Employees who ‘go the extra mile’ to make an organization successful?

So How Does Engagement Come Alive … And Stay Alive?

In our world view there are three steps to take to develop Employee Engagement (and Fulfillment)

In our world-view there are three steps by which a Person first becomes engaged and stays engaged:

Step 1 – an interviewer will ‘paint a picture’, an ‘Organizational Vision’, of what makes the Organization a great place for the Person to work. 

That Vision, the responsibility of the Organization’s Leader, should represent the Organization’s most important self-interests.

Step 2 – the Person interviewed will evaluate the Organizational Vision in relation to his or her own self-interests, the WIFM or ‘What’s In It For Me?’. 

If the Person likes what the Vision offers and can ‘see a Personal Vision’ of her/his self-interests being fulfilled, he/she will become excited (engaged) by the idea of ‘joining up’ if a job is offered.

Step 3 – the Person, the new hire, reports for work for a Team Manager (T).  The reality of life is that People spend their working hours with a Manager who has his or her own views, a ‘Manager’s Vision’, of how the Team can ‘get the job done’ to satisfy ‘the Boss’.

Like everyone, the Manager also has his/her own self-interests to serve.

A Team Manager has to simultaneously serve his/her own self-interests while also serving the self-interests of the People and the Organizational Leaders for the enthusiasm of the new hire to stay alive. 

If not, that enthusiasm, that employee’s engagement will die.

Conclusion… To Harvest The Benefits of Engagement

To harvest the ‘many-fold’ benefits of Employee Engagement everyone needs to serve everyone else’s self-interests, their ‘Visions’.
Image by J. Wellington from Pixaby

Employee Engagement has ‘many-fold benefits’ that enrich and enhance Organizations (O), People (P) and Teams (T).

To harvest these benefits everyone needs to serve everyone else’s most important self-interests, their ‘Visions’.

The Power of Engagement Resides In The #OPT Overlaps

That is the ‘picture’ that our Venn diagram above represents, the overlapping connections of the self-interests (Visions) of the Organization (O), the People (P) and the Teams (T).

Do your Organization, People and Team Visions (self-interests) overlap?

About The StarWithin Engagement and Fulfillment System

We have developed and deployed the StarWithin Engagement and Fulfillment System to provide processes, education and tools to help Organizations, People and Teams to first, clearly express their self-interests (Visions), and then to tangibly connect these Visions one to another.

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