Douglas Harvey

Chief Executive Officer and Vision Guide

As the former CFO of a prominent travel company, Mr. Harvey has experienced firsthand what it means to be immersed in corporate culture. His passion for people is rivalled only by his passion for entrepreneurship: Doug was 20 years old and still in university when he decided his ultimate goal was to become a ‘high level generalist’, understanding the most important principles governing all aspects of business.

Mat Boyer

Employee Igniter

Mat’s great passions include igniting the ‘spirit within’ individual employees, enabling a person’s potential for growth and excellence. He knows how important nurturing relationships are for building winning Organizations, People and Teams motivated by a common purpose.

As someone who has personally experienced the benefits of the #OPTin StarWithin System, Mat’s personal goal is to share those benefits with as many Organizational Leaders, Individual People and Team Managers as possible.

Our Story

StarWithin Systems was founded by two serial entrepreneurs, Doug Harvey and Mat Boyer on a desire to make the workplace more enjoyable for people everywhere. Having spent a number of decades in various leadership positions working for large organizations, Doug’s vision to bring a more human side to how people view corporate structure was a natural fit with Mat’s boisterous enthusiasm for helping people.

Find your Star Within.


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